Create your own stylized landscape. This asset will allow you to quickly create your own landscape and texture it easily.
All objects have adjusted normals, geometry, which provides a seamless connection of all objects and in combination with tileble textures allows you to create landscapes of unlimited sizes and without seams.

You can customize the LOD system, as the asset has 2 options geometry (foreground and background), or manually arrange the foreground and background objects.

Foreground and background objects also converge perfectly, which allows you to blend high-poly objects with low-poly objects.

You can see a finished example of a game location based on this asset: Stylized Location (Seasons)

A complete modular landscape builder that includes the following assets:

Stylized Modular Cliff 1M — contains 98 object (50 — 2592 tris):

Stylized Modular Cliff 2M — contains 106 object (50 — 5328 tris):

Stylized Modular Sea Shore — contains 49 object (50 — 3302 tris):

Stylized Modular River Bank — contains 53 object (50 — 2566 tris):

Stylized Modular River Cliff — contains 53 object (50 — 2306 tris):

Stylized Ground Object — contains 47 object (448 — 6004 tris):

In addition, new assets have been added as a bonus:

1) Modular WaterFall Cliff — contains 24 object (380 — 2332 tris).
This asset allows you to create waterfalls of various heights, widths and configurations.

2) Modular Water — contains 8 object (50 — 228 tris).
This asset allows you to create both horizontal and vertical water surfaces. With it, you can easily create water for waterfalls or water for rivers, seas.

3) Transitional Cliff — contains 12 object (325 — 1511 tris).

Оbjects are designed to add variety to the environment and provide a smooth transition between the following assets:

Stylized Modular Sea Shore

Stylized Modular River Bank

Stylized Modular River Cliff

Stylized Modular Cliff 1M

Stylized Modular Cliff 2M

This asset also includes:

1) Textures:

-9 hand paint tile texture (Diffuse Map + Normal Map) — resolution 1024×1024.

-2 Water texture (Normal Map) — resolution 1024×1024.

2) Custom shaders (created in the shader graph, allowing you to easily make modifications):

-water shader with displacement and depth effect using 2 colors and 2 normal maps.

-triplanar ground shader with vertex color using 4 diffuse map and 4 normal map.

-allows you to set up random texture overlays for a more natural look.

3) Materials:

-3 customized material options for the terrain texturing example.

Update 1.1:

-8 new transitional objects have been added, which will change the appearance of the locations.

-Optimized folders in the project, which will have a positive impact on the usability of the tool.