This package contains:

1) Models:

-72 Bushes and Flowers (154-500 tris).
-6 Mushroom (140-356 tris).
-33 Grass (50-928 tris).
-15 Roots (305-594 tris).
-12 Leaves (38-42 tris).
-9 Stump (220-296 tris).
-36 Trees (1671-2572 tris).

2) Textures:

-3 Atlas textures (Diffuse Map + Normal Map)-resolution 1024×2048.
-11 hand paint tile textures (Diffuse Map + Normal Map)-resolution 1024×1024.
-1 Mask textures (Diffuse Map)-resolution 256×256.

3) Custom shaders (created in the shader graph, allowing you to easily make modifications):


The shader will help you quickly texture your landscape using an optimized triplanar and planar texturing method that does not require UVs.

Allow to create unique coloring and texture blending using vertex color.

The shader has the following settings:

-regulation of the texture mapping frequency;

-regulation of the quality of mixing textures;

-adjusting the basic colors of the texture;

-а noise map helps you more naturally adjust texture mapping to create a variety of surfaces.


With this shader you can set animation for trees, leaves, bushes, grass:

-turn animations on and off;

-you can set the amplitude of movement of the tree trunk;

-set animation speed of leaves and branches;

-for each object, its own unique animation is created, depending on the position of the object on the stage and its shape, which creates variety.

4) Materials:

-3 customized material options for the terrain texturing example.